Agenda – 10 February 2015

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Parish Clerk: Wendy Jameson FMAAT, 5 Burnswark Terrace, Solway Street, Silloth, Cumbria, CA7 4EF Tel: 016973 31128 Mob: 0777 5686857
Email: Web:

4 February 2015

Dear Councillor

You are summoned to attend the Annual meeting of Holme Low Parish Council which is to be held on Tuesday 10 February 2015 in the Community Hall, Petteril Street, Silloth commencing at 7.30pm. Please let me know if you are unable to attend.

Yours faithfully

W.E. Jameson
Clerk to the Council


1. Apologies
To receive and record with a reason, any apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of Interest
To receive declarations of members’ interests in respect of items on this agenda.

3. Exclusion of Press & Public
To consider whether any items on the Agenda should be considered without the presence of the press and public, on the grounds of confidentiality, pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 Section 1(2).

4. Minutes
To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 11 November 2014, as a true record.

5. Matters Arising
To consider any matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

6. Police Report
To receive a report from the Police on incidents of crime since the last meeting.

7. Financial Report
To receive an up-to-date financial report

8. Requests for financial assistance
To consider any requests for financial assistance.
a) Great North Air Ambulance
b) Citizens Advice Allerdale
c) Wigton Baths Trust

9. Payment of Accounts
To authorise the payment of Accounts.

10. Correspondence
To receive the schedule of correspondence, notices and publications received since the last meeting and to note items marked as ‘For Action’ requiring action to be taken.

Publications & magazines etc
a) ACT Gazette – Issue 19 – Autumn/Winter 2014.
b) Active for Life – Wigton & North Allerdale Newsletter November/December 2014.
c) Lyth Valley & Waver/Wampool Proposed Internal Drainage Board Newsletter – November 2014.
d) Tidelines – Newsletter of the Solway Firth Partnership – Issue 41 Winter 2014.
e) CALC Circular – December/January 2015.
f) Solway Coast AONB – Annual Review 2013-2014.
g) Connecting Cumbria – Newsletter – December 2014.
h) Clerks & Councils Direct – January 2015.
i) Active for Life – Wigton & North Allerdale February/March 2015
j) CALC Circular – February 2015

For Information
k) CALC – Information about Neighbourhood Planning Grants available.
l) Cumbria County Council – Public Budget Consultation Drop-in Events – Poster with details of dates and locations.
m) CALC – Re: New Transparency Code. Copy of NALC’s legal briefing and a copy of the transparency code.
n) Cumbria UK Youth Parliament – Cumbria UKYP Elections 2014 is now live and more information can be obtained from the County Council website at:-
o) Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has launched “Delivering Differently in Neighbourhoods”, a programme which aims to support principal authorities to redesign services to deliver at neighbourhood level, with the involvement of community organisations or parish councils.
p) CALC – Next general meeting of the Town & Parish Councils in Allerdale will take place on 11 December at Allhallows Parish Hall in Fletchertown.
q) Cumbria County Council – re: Bus routes 47 and 604 follow up meeting. Meeting will be held on Wed 26 November 10.00-11.30 at Local Links, Market Hall, Wigton.
r) CALC – Information about a government announcement that extra money is being made available to provide new minibuses to community transport operators in rural areas.
s) Cumbria County Council – Flood Risk Strategy. Organisations are encouraged to share their views as part of the consultation which will close on 23 December 2014. Details can be found at
t) Cumbria County Council is now one of nine Commons Registrations Authorities to be a pilot authority for the implementation of Part 1 of the Commons Act 2006 which is expected to come into force in Cumbria on 15 December 2014.
u) Healthwatch Cumbria – Invitation to the West Cumbria Community Forum on 12 December at Copeland Centre, Whitehaven. The key objective of the forum is to develop and manage increased and focussed community engagement in West Cumbria with regards to the future delivery of health and care services.
v) CALC – North West Coast Connections – People are urged to comment on new National grid connection before the consultation closes on 28 November 2014.
w) CALC – re: Unitary Local Government. Copy of the letter sent to Eric Pickles by Keith Hitchen, Chairman of CALC lobbying to commission a review of local government in Cumbria with a view to moving to a form of unitary local government at the earliest convenience.
x) CCC – Urgent road closure – Dubmill to Jericho, near Mawbray from Monday 1 December 2014, for an anticipated 5 days.
y) Allerdale Parishes meeting – 11 December 2014 at Allhallows Community Centre at 7.00pm. Agenda and minutes of previous meeting.
z) News Release – National Grid consultation on new connections closes – work underway to consider all feedback received.
aa) Radioactive Waste Management events – Two events are to be held in Bristol (22January) and Manchester (4 February) to discuss the national screening process.
bb) CCC – Urgent road closure – Dubmill to Jericho, near Mawbray from Saturday 6 December 2014, for 2 days.
cc) CALC – re: Government Consultation on Parish Polls. Calc would encourage all councils to submit a response by the end of January deadline.
dd) CALC – update from CALC on three finance related matters. Extract from the statement to Parliament in relation to possibly capping the highest spending parishes but it is not thought to affect any parish council in Cumbria. Section 137 spending limit has been increased to £7.37 per elector for 2015/15. Transparency code for smaller authorities with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000 has been published. Code is issued at ‘recommended practice’ but there is an intention to make is mandatory by the start of the 2015/16 financial year.
ee) Note from the meeting held at Allhallows Parish Hall, Fletchertown on the 11th December 2014. Also spreadsheet of lights identified as being subject to removal by ENW and the position as at October 2014.
a) Department for Communities & Local Government – Plain English guide to the Planning System.
b) Cumbria Community Energy Conference will be held on 31 January at Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency in Penrith from 9.30 – 3.00.
c) Askins & Little – Information about a specialist restoration company based in Carlisle which offers a complete service in historic property restoration.
d) Cumbria County Council – Email from Lynn Singleton about Cumbria County Council grants available for Community projects.
e) CALC – Dates of various meetings of the area working groups arranged by Allerdale Borough Council.
f) Copy of the statutory instrument made by the Secretary of State which authorises agenda papers to be sent to councillors electronically where they have given their consent.
g) Glendale Gateway Trust & National CLT Network are holding a peer learning event on 24 February at Wooler re: securing affordable housing.

For Action
ff) Solway Coast AONB Management Plan 2015-2020 consultation which runs from December 15th 2014 to February 6th 2015. Details can be found at
gg) Allerdale Borough Council – Budget Consultation. Closing date for responses is Friday 23 January 2015. hh) Allerdale Borough Council – Draft Council Plan 2015-19 Consultation. Consultation runs from 22
December 2014 to 23 January 2015.
h) Healthwatch Cumbria – Healthwatch Reflective Audit which can be found at
i) Allerdale Borough Council – Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2): Site Allocations – Issues and options additional sites submitted consultation. Documents can be viewed at Comments to be submitted by Friday 27 February 2015.
j) Allerdale Borough Council – Leisure Strategy Consultation. Full consultation documents can be viewed at

11. Planning Applications

The Parish Council have considered the following:-
Ref No: 2/14/9018 Proposal: Retrospective application for the storage, recycling and transfer of materials Location: The Old Airfield, Silloth – No objection but concerns in relation to drainage have been raised with the County Council.
Ref No: 2/2014/0876 Proposal: Construction of lagoon and associative works Location: Dryholme, Silloth
Applicant: Mr Gary Bonnette, Farmgen Ltd – No objection
Ref No: 2/2014/0903 Proposal: Proposed erection of replacement boundary fencing with associated landscaping Location: Hangar 43, Silloth Industrial Estate, The Airfield, Silloth Applicant: Atlas Concrete Ltd – No objection.
Ref No: 2/2014/0905 Proposal: Retention of concrete batching plant, aggregate storage bays, loading bins and minor extension to an existing building Location: Hangar 43, Silloth Industrial Estate, The Airfield, Silloth Applicant: Atlas Concrete Ltd – No objection.

Allerdale Borough Council refused the following:-
Ref No: 2/2014/0293 Proposal: Installation of a 500kW wind turbine (67m to blade tip) and its associated infrastructure (crane pad, access track and meter house) Location: Dundraw Farm, Dundraw, Wigton Applicant: DJ Harrison

Allerdale Borough Council approved the following:-
Ref No: 2/2014/0550 Proposal: Proposed shed to house agricultural machinery – resubmission 2/2014/0055
Location: Roddings House, Greenrow, Silloth Applicant: Eric Stanwix
Ref No: 2/2014/0587 Proposal: Single storey extension to front Location: Pelutho Grange, Balladoyle, Silloth
Applicant: Mr A Whitfield
Ref No: 2/2014/0876 Proposal: Construction of lagoon and associative works Location: Dryholme, Silloth
Applicant: Mr Gary Bonnette, Farmgen Ltd

Notification that an appeal has been made against the refusal for the following application:
Appeal Ref: APP/G0908/W/14/3001062 Application Ref No: 2/2014/0449 Proposal: Installation of a single small scale 11kW Gaia wind turbine mounted on an 18m lattice mast with maximum tip height of 24.5m (resubmission of 2/2013/0754) Site: West House Farm, Silloth Appeal by: Mr Colin Winter

12. Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies

13. County Council Report
To receive a report from the County Councillor.

14. Parish Plan

15. To receive and consider reports from Councillors.

16. Chairman’s Announcements

17. Date of next meeting
Parish Council meeting – Tuesday 12 May 2015 at 7.30pm in Silloth Community Hall.

18. Review of Wages