Agenda – 12 May 2015

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Parish Clerk: Wendy Jameson FMAAT, 5 Burnswark Terrace, Solway Street, Silloth, Cumbria, CA7 4EF Tel: 016973 31128 Mob: 0777 5686857
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6 May 2015

Dear Councillor

You are summoned to attend the Annual meeting of Holme Low Parish Council which is to be held on Tuesday 12 May 2015 in the Community Hall, Petteril Street, Silloth commencing at 7.30pm. Please let me know if you are unable to attend.

Yours faithfully

W.E. Jameson
Clerk to the Council


1. To elect a Chairman of the Council.

2. To receive the Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office or if not then received, to decide when it shall be received.

3. Apologies
NB Cllrs. Must provide a reason for not being able to attend a meeting which is recorded in the minutes.

4. Declaration of Interest
Members are invited at this stage to declare any personal interests they have relating to any item on the Agenda and having done so, to consider whether they also have a prejudicial interest in that item. NB Advice on this can be sought from the Parish Clerk. Members are requested to seek advice, wherever possible, before the meeting starts.

5. Exclusion of Press and Public
To consider whether the press and public should be excluded from the Meeting during consideration of any item of business on the Agenda.

6. To elect a Deputy Chairman of the Council.

7. To appoint representatives to outside bodies.

8. Minutes
To approve the minutes of the meetings held on 10 February and 24 March 2015 as a true record.

9. Matters Arising
To consider any matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.

10. Police Report
To receive a report from the Police on incidents of crime since the last meeting.

11. Cheque Signatories
To review and appoint new cheque signatories if required.

12. Annual Subscriptions
To consider the payment of annual subscriptions
a) CALC Annual Subscription 2015/16 of £130.

13. Requests for financial assistance
To consider any requests for financial assistance.

14. Payment of Accounts
To authorize the payment of Accounts

15. Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015
To approve the Accounts for the Year Ended 31 March 2015 and authorize the Chairman to sign the Statement of Accounts and the Annual Governance statement to the Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2015.

16. Review the effectiveness of the internal audit.

17. Annual review of risk assessments

18. Correspondence
To note items of correspondence received since the last meeting and determine any action needed in response to items marked “Action”.

Publications & magazines etc
a) Solway Coast AONB – Ranger Service Events Letter – February/March 2015.
b) Clerks & Councils Direct – March 2015.
c) CALC Circular – March 2015.
d) Affordable Housing: A Fair Deal for Rural Communities – Report of the rural housing policy review
e) ACT Gazette – Issue 20 Spring 2015.
f) West Cumbria Mining – Community Update – February 2015.
g) CALC – April 2015.
h) Active for Life – Wigton & North Allerdale Community Newsletter April/May 2015.
i) CALC Circular – May 2015.
j) Clerks & Councils Direct – May 2015.
k) Tidelines – Issue 42 Spring/Summer 2015.

For Information
l) Hopes Auctioneers – Lettings of Stints and Grassland for 2015 season – Auction to take place on Wed 25 March 2015 at 7.00pm at The Greenhill Hotel, Wigton.
m) CALC – Any principal local authority which proposes to raise council tax by more than 2% will have to hold a referendum but the Government is not proposing to extend the referendum principles this year to town and parish councils.
n) Friends of the Lake District new release: New grant scheme to help people discover and enjoy Cumbria.
o) CALC – re: Local Council Precepts. Copy of NALC’s full response to the draft settlement. A number of councils understandably made the point that the decision was rather late in the budget process.
p) Department for Communities and Local Government – Transparency code for smaller authorities.
q) MRWS: Implementing Geological Disposal. Following the Govt White Paper last year, initial work has been taking place with the intention of producing for consultation in the summer what will be called draft screening guidance. The guidance will follow a National Geological Screening exercise which aims to provide authoritative information that can be used is discussions with communities and may help Radioactive Waste Management (RWM), the developer of the geological disposal facility, focus its engagement activities. RWM has run a number of stakeholder events around the country to raise awareness of the process set out in the White paper.
r) Cumbria Highways – Re: Giveway signage Seaville Crossroads – B5302. Maintenance budget is fully spent for 2014/15 but a works package will be put together and programmed in asap as of April.
s) Cumbria Highways – Complaints in relation to flooding at Coulthards and drains along Causewayhead corner have been logged.
t) Cumbria Highways – Signage issues. Signage is correct at both the crossroads off B5302 nr Seaville and Blackdyke end of the width restriction. Wolsty sign was removed from site and are trying to track it down. If not found, a new one will be ordered.
u) Wigton Baths Trust – Letter of thanks for the donation of £50 from the Parish Council.
v) Citizens Advice Allerdale – Letter of thanks for the donation from the Parish Council.
w) Department for Communities and Local Government – Local Government Transparency Code 2015.
x) ACT is running a ‘Community Led Planning – From Start to Finish’ training session at Thursby Parish Hall on 25th March.
y) Cumbria Highways – re: East Causewayhead sign – The sign at the end of the road identified as regulatory sign is facing the wrong direction. There is no width restriction for this road which is why the blue advisory signs are in place at the other end. Arrangements will be made to have the sign turned round to face the appropriate direction. They believe blue advisory signage is adequate.
z) Agenda for the Allerdale 3 tiers meeting on 26 March 2015 at Embleton Village Hall at 7.00pm. Minutes of general meeting held on 11 December at Allhallows Parish Hall.
aa) Department for Communities and Local Government – Changes to the smaller authorities’ local audit and accountability framework – a guide.
bb) CALC – Victory in Europe (VE) Day Celebrations. Local authorities are encouraged to participate in VE Day celebrations between 8 and 10 May.
cc) Cumbria County Council – re: Unit 25, Causewayhead, Silloth. Complaint has been logged and David Hughes will get back in touch asap.
dd) Cumbria Community Foundation – CCF is set up and organised to manage grant making funds. If any such charities in the community would like help CCF would assess the potential for managing the funds in such a way that ensures they are put to best use.
ee) CALC Allerdale District – Minutes of the meeting held on 26 March 2015.
ff) Cumbria County Council – Grant panel dates for all the forum areas are being set for the year. Refer to the website for details.

For Action
gg) Tidal Lagoon Power – Letter to introduce early stage proposals for the development of a Tidal Lagoon on the West Cumbrian Coast and see if the Town Council would welcome the chance to discuss plans in more detail.
hh) Cumbria County Council – Consultation about the draft Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan. Comments to be received by Monday 11 May 2015.
ii) Letter from NALC’s Chairman and Chief Executive setting out an overview of progress against the first year of NALC’s strategic plan and outlining some of NALC’s plans for 2015/16.
jj) Development of Allerdale Borough Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee Work Plan. Closing date for suggestions to be considered as part of the work plan development process is Monday 27 July 2015.

19. Planning Applications
Allerdale Borough Council has approved the following:-
Ref No: 2/2014/0903 Proposal: Proposed erection of replacement boundary fencing with associated landscaping Location: Hangar 43, Silloth Industrial Estate, The Airfield, Silloth Applicant: Atlas Concrete Ltd Ref No: 2/2015/0052 Proposal: Demolition of existing farm house and erection of two storey dwelling Location: Park House, Silloth Applicant: Mr Robert Scoular

Allerdale Borough Council has refused the following:
Ref No: 2/2013/0227 Proposal: Proposed wind farm comprising of three wind turbines up to 115m tip height, with associated crane pads, substation building, anemometer mast, new tracks, new entrance plus temporary construction compound Location: Land at Carwath, Rosley, Wigton Applicant: Carwath Farm Wind Energy Ltd

Cumbria County Council has granted the following planning application:
Ref No: 2/14/9018 Proposal: Retrospective application for the storage, recycling and transfer off materials
Location: The Old Airfield, Silloth Applicant: D.A. Harrison

20. Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies

21. County Council Report

22. Parish Plan

23. To receive and consider reports from Councillors

24. Chairman’s Announcements

25. Date of next meeting
Parish Council meeting – Tues 11 August 2015 at 7.30pm in Silloth Community Hall.