Agenda – 13 February 2018

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Parish Clerk: Wendy Jameson FMAAT, 5 Burnswark Terrace, Solway Street, Silloth, Cumbria, CA7 4EF
Tel: 016973 31128 Mob: 0777 5686857 Email:  Web:

7 February 2017

Dear Councillor

You are summoned to attend the Annual meeting of Holme Low Parish Council which is to be held on Tuesday 13 February 2018 in the Community Hall, Petteril Street, Silloth commencing at 7.30pm. Please let me know if you are unable to attend.

Yours faithfully

W.E. Jameson
Clerk to the Council

1. Apologies
To receive and record with a reason, any apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of Interest
To receive declarations of members’ interests in respect of items on this agenda.

3. Exclusion of Press & Public
To consider whether any items on the Agenda should be considered without the presence of the press and public, on the grounds of confidentiality, pursuant to the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 Section 1(2).

4. Minutes
To approve the minutes of the meetings held on 14 November 2017, as a true record.

5. Matters Arising
To consider any matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting.

6. Police Report
To receive a report from the Police on incidents of crime since the last meeting.

7. Financial Report
To receive an up-to-date financial report

8. Requests for financial assistance
To consider any requests for financial assistance.

9. Payment of Accounts
To authorise the payment of Accounts.

10. Correspondence
To receive the schedule of correspondence, notices and publications received since the last meeting and to note items marked as ‘For Action’ requiring action to be taken.

Publications & magazines etc
a) ACT Gazette – Issue 28 Autumn/Winter 2017.
b) CALC Circular – December/January 2018.
c) Connecting Cumbria Christmas Newsletter.
d) Clerks & Councils Direct – January 2018.
e) Wigton Baths Newsletter to Parish Councils 2018
f) CALC Circular – February 2018.

For Information
g) Police & Crime Commissioner’s survey regarding Council Tax precepts for the Police. Comments required by 8 December 2017.
h) NALC – Legal Briefing L09-17 – General data processing regulation and subject access requests.
i) NALC – Legal Briefing L08-17 – Privacy Notes and the legal basis for processing personal data.
j) Cumbria Highways – re: The Windmill, Blackdyke. The highways steward contacted the landowner and asked for the stones to be to moved and cut back the hedge. As this has not been done the team will be going out to reassess the overgrown hedge tomorrow.
k) Cumbria Highways – re: manhole cover on main road near Pond Farm, Calvo. Highway team will take a look at it. (W172927704)
l) Cumbria Highways – re: Road to Seaville – Team will attend and deal with any safety related defects that meet intervention levels and will inspect the road to see what longer terms repairs may need to be considered. (W172927701)
m) Cumbria Highways – re: damage to road between Armstrongs and Oakline at Blackdyke. Highway team will take a look at it. (W172927671)
n) Cumbria Highways – re: overhanging bushes and trees – Balladoyle on the B5301 to B5302 Silloth. Highway team will take a look at it. (W172927657)
o) Cumbria Highways – re: manhole cover. Issue has been assessed and the defect is on private land and therefore the issue has been closed. (W172927704)
p) Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2): Site Allocations. Focused consultation: Additional sites submitted and policy options 2017. Comments to be received by 22 January 2018. Cllrs. to send individual responses in.
q) Notification of external auditor appointments for the 2017/18 financial year. Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments Ltd (SAAA) was appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.
r) Royal Air Force Centenary Celebrations – Email from Heidi Garstang to say they are delighted that the Parish Council is looking into the possibility of creating a raised flower bed.
s) CALC – Information about the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. Legal Briefing L04-17 – Reform of data protection legislation – General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Bill. Legal Briefing L05-17 – General Data Protection Regulation – summary of main provisions.
t) Cumbria Highways – re: overgrowing hedge. Issue has been assessed and the defect is on private land and therefore the issue has been closed. (W172927657)
u) Church of England Church Commissioners – re: St Paul’s Church, Causewayhead. Pastoral Church Buildings Scheme was made on 23rd November 2017 and an Instrument of Determination made on 30th November 2017. Copy of the Scheme and Instrument provided. The church of St Paul, Causewayhead is declared closed for regular public worship from 11 December 2017.
v) Great North Air Ambulance – Letter of thanks for the donation of £100 from the Town Council.
w) CALC – Information about a new lottery funded project from Kew Gardens called Grow Wild – for anyone interested in developing community projects around flowers, plants or fungi
x) Allerdale Borough Council – Land West of Longwood – The caravan can remain on site whilst the approved dwelling is constructed.
y) Planning Branch Ltd – re: Erection of Broiler Unit and associated infrastructure at Firtree Farm, Seaville. Letter in response to the point raised by Holme Low PC in objection to the application.
z) Allerdale Borough Council – re: silos at former Johnson Controls. Allerdale were advised of the works prior to commencement and the proposal was within the land owners permitted development limits. They intend to check to ensure that what is being built is per the details they provided.
aa) Cumbria Children’s Dyslexia Project – Information about the charity, whose aim it is to screen all children in Cumbria aged 6 to 11 for dyslexia.
bb) Allerdale Borough Council – Annual Budget Consultation. Comments required by 19 January 2018.
cc) Allerdale Borough Council – Notification that a representative from the Parish Council could speak at the Development Panel meeting on 9 January 2018 in relation to:- Ref No: 2/2017/0247 Applicant: Mr Storr Proposal: Erection of broiler unit and associated infrastructure (Resubmission) Location: Fir Tree Farm, Seaville, Silloth
dd) Citizen’s Advice – Email thanking the Parish Council for the kind donation.
ee) United Utilities Stakeholder Update December 2017.
ff) Department of Transport’s public consultation on future spending on the Strategic Road Network.
gg) CALC – Information about the United Utilities Legacy Fund which will be available throughout 2018 to 2020.
hh) Details of a Mental Wellbeing session to support National Time to Talk Day 2018 which will be held at Moorclose Community Centre on 1 February 10am to 12pm.
ii) Information about Brain Tumour Research charity and the Wear a Hat Day in March to raise funds.
jj) Cumbria Highways – re: Seaville road – Fault has now been resolved. (W172927701)
kk) Information about free cookery courses being offered by Cockermouth WI members from April 2018.
ll) CALC – Press release highlighting the NHS North Cumbria CCG’s next Governing Body meeting to take place on Wed 7 February 2018.
mm) Information about free ‘The Right Structure for You’ workshops which CVS are running on 27 February in Workington.
nn) Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service – Vacancies for Trustee/Board of Directors.
oo) Information about the ACT F.A.S.T. campaign which is launching on 1 February. The campaign highlights that a stroke is a medical emergency.
pp) Cumbria Highways – re: manhole cover. The matter has been passed to BT as it is their manhole cover. (W172927704)
qq) Cumbria County Council – Details of a temporary 30mph speed limit which has been put in place to allow Gallagher Ltd to carry out utility works. Expected to commence 12th February 2018 with an approximate duration of 5 weeks. Location: B5301 Silloth, from its junction with the C2055 extending in a north easterly then southerly direction for a total distance of approx. 2.8km.

For Action
rr) Allerdale Borough Council – Email regarding Community Governance reviews and the possibility of the Town Council requesting that a review take place.
ss) United Utilities – Raby Cote Outfall Pipeline & Wigton Wastewater Treatment Works Project. Work is proposed to start on the Innovia, Wigton to Raby Cote pipeline in March. A representative from the project team can attend one of the parish council meetings to carry out a presentation if required.

11. Planning Applications
The Parish Council objected to the following:-
Ref No: 2/2017/0247 Applicant: Mr Storr Proposal: Erection of broiler unit and associated infrastructure (resubmission) Location: Fir Tree Farm, Seaville, Silloth

Allerdale Borough Council approved the following:-
Ref No: 2/2017/0482 Applicant: Messrs Fisher Proposal: Renewal of hardcore track with concrete Location: The Close, Silloth
Ref No: 2/2017/0247 Applicant: Mr Storr Proposal: Erection of broiler unit and associated infrastructure (Resubmission) Location: Fir Tree Farm, Seaville, Silloth

12. Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies

13. County Council Report
To receive a report from the County Councillor.

14. Parish Plan

15. To receive and consider reports from Councillors.

16. Chairman’s Announcements

17. Date of next meeting Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 8 May 2018 at 7.30pm in Silloth Community