Minutes – 10 July 2018

parishclerk 21 Apr , 2020

Holme Low Parish Council
Minutes of the annual meeting held on Tuesday 10 July 2018
at 7.30pm at Silloth Community Hall

Present : Cllr. J. Graham (JG)

Cllrs. D. Findlay (DF), M. Wright (MW), A. Sowden (AS) & M. Pearson (MP).
Also present: Wendy Jameson – Parish Clerk (WEJ), Cllr. John Cook & Cllr. Tony Markley.

1. Apologies
Cllr. M. Pearson & Cllr. W. Jefferson.

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Exclusion of Press & Public

4. Minutes
RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on the 8 May 2018 be confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters Arising

6. Police Report
No report. Information can be obtained from the Cumbria Police website.

7. Public Participation
There were no requests from members of the public to speak at the meeting.

8. Financial Report
The Clerk provided an up to date financial report which showed a balance of £1,523.82 in the bank.

9. Requests for financial assistance

10. Payment of Accounts
Cheque payments to 10 July 2018 were approved for payment by the Parish Council.

11. Correspondence
a) Tidelines – Newsletter of Solway Firth Partnership – Spring 2018.
b) Clerks and Councils Direct – May 2018 Issue 117.
c) North West Coastal Access Monthly Update: May 2018.
d) CALC Newsletter – June 2018.
e) North West Coastal Access Monthly Update: June 2018.
f) Clerks & Councils Direct – July 2018 Issue 118.
g) Cumbria Highways – Ref W182936883 – re: Request for a traffic mirror opposite cemetery to Causewayhead. Cumbria County Council are not supportive of mirrors being placed within the boundary of the highway. There are mirrors in the county but tend to be in gardens and fields etc. On the highway they would have to meet certain criteria. There are several drawbacks, as they are susceptible to frost and vandalism.
h) Seafarers UK – Information about Merchant Navy Day, 3 September.
i) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1880917525 – Fault has now been resolved.
j) Cumbria CVS – Supporting Vulnerable People during Emergencies event.
k) Cumbria County Council – re: Restoration of traditional highway directional signage and milestones. Email seeking information regarding the location of traditional highway signage and milestones with the intention to commence restoration works. Information and photographs of signs forwarded to CCC.
l) Cumbria Highways – re: Tar & Chipping B5300 – The remaining road markings work at the road ends will be concluded early next week.
m) Cumbria Highways – re: Tar & Chipping B5300 – Drain covers opposite Tanglewood have been covered. Details passed to contractor and asked to locate the gully grates.
n) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1880931875 – road signs discoloured – The fault has been referred to highways team to look at it.
o) Environment Agency – re: Water contamination. Incident has been logged and forwarded to the duty officer for assessment. Environment Agency were unable to locate where the contamination was coming from. They will hopefully be cleaning the beck out next week between Marsh road to Causewayhead corner. The beck is blocked at Hartlaw. Need to wait and see what happens.
p) Email from Bill Jefferson re: Causewayhead building. Cllr. Jefferson was made aware that the building was scheduled for demolition and decided to ask Allerdale for a stay of execution pending further enquiries, in particular regarding asbestos. He suggests a meeting take place with the two Councils and Dave Bryden/Ruth from Allerdale. Meeting arranged for 5 July at 9.00am.
q) Cumbria Highways – Wolsty Road, nr Silloth – This section of highway is on the future programme of works to be done when funding allows. Extra funding is available this year for potholes so hopefully if any permanent repairs are needed and there is funding they will hopefully carry out the works. Proper repairs are to be carried out.
r) Allerdale Borough Council – re: Land West of Longwood. Details of the wording of condition. Revised application was cancelled due to a misunderstanding of the application type and is being chased up again today.
s) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1880931875 – road signs discoloured – Team have assessed the fault and it has been passed to another for further assessment and any necessary action.
t) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1880917667 – B5302 to Causewayhead – Footpath needing cleaned – Team has been out to have a look at the issue and concluded it doesn’t require attention at this time and therefore fault closed.
u) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1880928679 – B5302 to C2015 – Fault has been resolved.
v) Allerdale Borough Council – Updated guidance on the casual vacancy process for Town & Parish Councils.
w) Cumbria County Council – Unit 25 Causewayhead, Silloth. Update following a visit to the site on 3 May in relation to vehicle movements.
x) Historic England – Causewayhead War Memorial, Christ Church, Silloth – Invitation to comment on consultation report. St Paul’s Church is now up for sale which includes the field at the side but not the churchyard.

12. Planning Applications
Allerdale Borough Council has approved the following:-
Ref No: 2/2018/0095 Applicant: Mr Mark Whitehouse Iona Capital Ltd Proposal: Replacement of two previous consented tanks with an ecobag storage system and additional ancillary equipment (partly retrospective) Location: Dryholme Farm, Silloth
Ref No: HOU/2018/0106 Applicant: Mr R Shaw Proposal: Summerhouse Location: Blackdyke Farm, Blackdyke, Silloth

13. Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies
Coastal Community Team – meeting on 14 May to look at the proposed route of the new cycleway. New harbour master proposes to build a new road into Silloth but doesn’t know where the route will be. Cycle route is going ahead but is used more by walkers and leisure cyclists. It will encourage people to the area and new businesses. Some farmers are against their land being used. Next meeting is on Monday.
Longcake Education Foundation – Meeting on 14 June. Grants of £600 were given to the four schools and £200 to Mawbray play park. The fund was set up by the Longcake family.
Sea Dyke Charity – No meeting. Everything is going to plan. Electrician has been doing work on the farm.
Hellrigg Community Fund – No meeting.

14. Parish Plan
Nothing to report.

15. Building at Causewayhead Cemetery
A meeting took place on 6 July to discuss the future of the building. Allerdale are wanting to hand the building over in its current condition but it would be preferred if both extensions were demolished leaving the main building intact. A longer lease would be required to enable funding to be obtained. It was questioned if the money Allerdale were planning to use to demolish the whole building could be used to demolish the two extensions. It was questioned whether the building will be handed over as it is or on a long lease.
Cllr. Dainton left the meeting.
There needs to be a decision by the Council as to whether they wish to pursue the project. The Council needs to know whether the building will be hand over in its entirety or on a long lease. Would like the building handed over in a reasonable condition, with both ends demolished, to be able to move forward and be able to apply for funding. There will be legal fees to pay. Land at Blitterlees may be suitable for a cemetery in the future. If the field behind the cemetery was sold, it could bring in funding to purchase other suitable land. This will be a Holme Low project and if the group wants Silloth involved then they can ask them at a later date. Letter to be sent to Allerdale and copy to Bill, John & Tony. Prompt reply is needed to enable us to apply to Hellrigg for funding. If Allerdale provided the group with the funding it would save from not demolishing the building it could be used as match funding.

16. Chairman’s Announcement
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting and thanked the Clerk for all the work she has done.

17. Allerdale & County Council Report
Allerdale – no report.
County Council – Tour of Britain is coming to Cumbria – Barrow to Winlatter. IFCA – the new fisheries protection vessel which has cost over £1m is in Whitehaven harbour and there will be a naming ceremony on 22 July. The Solway Protector will be sold.

18. Reports from Councillors
Windmill corner is getting out of hand. The hedges are not getting cut back which makes it more difficult for vehicles to get around. Letter to be sent to Cumbria Highways. Solway Street in Silloth is going to be repaired. The County Council have a new machine for repairing potholes.

19. Date of next meeting
Parish Council meeting – Tuesday 9 October 2018 at 7.30pm in Silloth Community Hall.