Parish Council

parishclerk 11 Mar , 2016

Holme Low has a Parish Council of six members and a Parish Clerk.  The Council meetings are held in the Community Hall, Silloth every three months, with extra meetings held if necessary.  The Parish Council meetings are open to the public.  The County Councillor and the local Police are invited to attend.  There is also an Annual Parish meeting which is held in Silloth Community Hall, where the Parish Council report to the community and the parishioners can raise issues and discuss them in open forum.

The agenda for the meetings are posted on the parish notice boards at Seaville and opposite the Colt Park field, Causewayhead and will be posted on the website prior to the meeting.   The Parish Councillors and Clerk are listed on the website, as are minutes of meetings, etc.

The responsibilities of the Parish Council are varied and include:

• Looking after the parish council’s assets.
• Liasing with the county council on highway safety and repair.
• Liasing with the county council on public transport matters affecting the parish.
• Liasing with the county council on the state of footpaths and other rights of way.
• Maintaining this web-site for the benefit of the community.
• The Parish Council is consulted on all planning applications within the parish, and on major planning applications in neighbouring parishes. The Parish Council is also consulted on tree orders within the conservation area
• Making grants to organisations from council funds.
• Liasing with the Police on matters of concern within the parish.