Renovation of the former waiting room at Causewayhead Cemetery

parishclerk 15 Jan , 2022

The aim of the project is to renovate the building located at the entrance to the cemetery at Causewayhead, near Silloth, to provide toilet facilities and water for users of the cemetery, and to provide information about Silloth Airfield and the Commonwealth War graves for visitors to the area.

The building and the cemetery belong to Allerdale Borough Council and over the last few years we have negotiated a lease for the building which was destined to be demolished.

What our project will do?

*  The project will preserve and restore an interesting building.  The building has a certain character about it which we feel should be preserved and put to better use. It has been been suggested that the two extensions at either end of the building be removed which do not add anything to the original building.

*  Provide accessible toilet facilities for visitors to the cemetery.

*  Provide a water supply for people putting flowers on the graves of their loved ones. Visitors have had to bring their own water.

*  Provide shelter and a resting place for visitors to the cemetery.

*  Provide a facility with interpretative displays on the history of the airfield and the Commonwealth war graves, with details of where to obtain further information.