Minutes – 12 March 2019

parishclerk 21 Apr , 2020

Holme Low Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 12 March 2019
at 7.30pm at Silloth Community Hall

Present : Cllr. J. Graham (JG)

Cllrs. D. Findlay (DF), M. Wright (MW), M. Pearson (MP) & N. Dainton (ND).
Also present: Wendy Jameson – Parish Clerk (WEJ).

1. Letter of Resignation
Due to personal reasons, Andrea Sowden handed in a letter of resignation. She thanked everyone for the time she has been involved with the Council and wished every success for future projects.

2. Apologies

3. Declaration of Interest

4. Exclusion of Press & Public

5. Former Waiting Room at Causewayhead Cemetery
The Parish Council considered some Heads of Terms sent by Allerdale Borough Council, for a lease of the Former Waiting Room at Causewayhead Cemetery, Silloth. There is no mention about the two ends of the building being demolished. It was mentioned previously that the ends of the building are unsafe and need to be removed. It had been suggested that the budget to demolish the building would be used to demolish the two ends before it was handed over to the Parish Council. The Parish Council understood that it was going to be a transfer not a lease. With a lease Allerdale could request that the building be handed back at any time despite any work done to restore the building. 3 years is not a long time to get work done, especially when permission would be needed before any alterations could be done and planning permission would be needed if anything structural changes were done. The Heads of Terms relates to a 25 year lease. RESOLVED that an email to be sent to seek clarification on why the building is to be leased rather than asset transferred, the condition of the building when it is to be handed over and why only 3 years is being allowed for work to be carried out.