Minutes – 17 April 2018

parishclerk 21 Apr , 2020

Minutes of a meeting of Holme Low Annual Parish Meeting
Held on 17 April 2018 at Silloth Community Hall

Present:- Cllrs. J. Graham, D. Findlay, M. Wright & N. Dainton. Also Wendy Jameson (Parish Clerk), John Cook, Tony Markley and 2 members of the public.

1. Apologies
Cllrs. M. Pearson & A. Sowden.

2. Minutes
Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 18 April 2017 were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record.

3. Matters Arising
Sign at Seaville has still not been fixed.
Lanes around Seaville are in a very poor state, with roads breaking up. The road up to Roy Ivinson’s is covered in pot holes. Gutters have gone in places. Road to the crossroads is flooding and the turn in is also bad. When tar spraying was done a couple of years ago they closed the lanes and blocked Seaville off.
Work is going to be done on the main road but they will be putting lights up and doing the work rather than closing the road again.

4. Accounts for the Year Ended 31 March 2018
The Clerk had prepared the Accounts for the Parish Council for the Year Ended 31 March 2018 which showed £1301.98 in the bank.

5. Parish Plan
Airfield – it is no longer the market and litter which is the issue but site works being undertaken by Harrisons. Planning department seems to be allowing anything and the whole area seems to be getting untidy.
Dog fouling – new notice needed in the notice board. More bins are needed in the parish to encourage owners to dispose of their dog mess in a more considerate manner. There was a bin on a lamp post near Maralinga but it was removed some time ago. Contact Allerdale.
The Parish Council often responds to plans but comments are not taken into account. The silos at the front of Harrisons, at the former Johnson Controls building definitely affect the appearance. The fencing panels that have gone up are over 2.1m high and should have planning permission. They are trying to hide behind the fact that the airfield is an industrial estate. Need to know hours of operation and the number of vehicles permitted into the site. The use of the site has changed from storage and haulage to production now. The main issue is the way that it has been done, with no consultation. Write to Allerdale to say that the Parish is not satisfied with the response received from the planning department. Martin has asked various questions to the planning department but not received any response. Need to know the numbers of wagons allowed in and out of the site. Mess on the road will become an issue, along with dust. It was questioned whether a licence is required in relation to the amount of water being taken from the bore hole.
Millers – original application stated that there would be 8 wagons a day in and out but up to 35 wagons are counted on a daily basis which starts at 6am.
Contacting the Parish Council and the website are all okay. Notice boards and Solway Buzz are used.
Roads are as good as anywhere else in the County.
No cycle paths in the Parish, as such.
Footpaths – not many in the Parish. Bridge across beck in Tom Brown’s field is in a poor state and in need of attention.
Both coffee shops in the Parish are doing well.
Emergency services – contact information in the plan needs updated.
The building at the cemetery is on hold due to the possible presence of asbestos.
St Paul’s Church – not sure what is going to happen with the church in the future. The organ has gone to France. Some of the stained glass windows have been removed – two are going to Silloth church and two are going into storage. Nothing can be done with the graveyard until 100 years after the last burial.
There is plenty going on in Silloth for people to get involved with.

6. Community Litter Pick
The Community Litter Pick will take place on Sat 28th April at 10.00am, meeting at the Community Hall, with lunch provided afterwards. Volunteers are needed.

7. Matters of Interest
Wagons using West Causewayhead lane are a real issue. Armstrongs wagons start at 5.30-6.00am in the morning, causing properties to shake along that road. Wagons and tractors fly along the road which is a 60mph road. The road is not suitable for the size and weight of vehicles using it. It was suggested that a letter be sent to local haulage contractors to ask that they avoid that road, due to complaints from local residents. Suggested that a letter be sent to Amber and Phil regarding lorries at West Causewayhead. Residents need to take action together and cause some agitation and then action may be taken. Balladoyle and Blackdyke is a more sensible and advised route.
Road around Windmill is not suitable for HGVs. There is a sign at the Blackdyke end saying unsuitable for HGVs but can’t stop drivers using the road. Road round the Windmill has narrowed and is almost impassable. Scaffolding has been up for 20 years and is encroaching on to the public highway. If the road is not accessible by emergency vehicles the County County may take notice.
Road up to Oakline at the bridge – corner has eroded away due to wagons using the road and someone will end up in the river. The road is the responsibility of Cumbria Highways. There was a sign there which has been knocked over, also a boulder and a bollard.
Diagonal parking on Wampool Street in Silloth is ridiculous and is causing an obstruction. It is going out to consultation to local residents. It is dangerous if vehicles are trying to pass.
It was questioned whether the parish field could be used as a parish field again for local residents. The field is rented out each year to bring in some revenue but may be worth considering in the future. There are more youngsters in the Parish now.