Minutes – 8 October 2019

parishclerk 21 Apr , 2020

Holme Low Parish Council
Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 8 October 2019 at 7.30pm at Silloth Community Hall

Present : Cllr. J. Graham (JG)

D. Findlay (DF), M. Wright (MW), N. Dainton (ND), M. Pearson (MP) & C. Edmunds (CE).
Also present: Wendy Jameson – Parish Clerk (WEJ) and Cllr. John Cook.

1. Apologies
Cllr. A.J. Markley.

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Exclusion of Press & Public

4. Minutes
RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on the 9 July 2019 be confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters Arising
Cllr. Wright attended the Solway Coast AONB event at Mawbray. ACT Also attended the event and want Parishes to say what they want.

6. Police Report
No report.

7. Public Participation
There were no requests from members of the public to speak at the meeting.

8. Financial Report
The Clerk provided an up to date financial report which showed a balance of £2,608.12 in the bank.

9. Requests for financial assistance
RESOLVED that a donation of £100 be provided to Great North Air Ambulance Service.

10. Payment of Accounts
Cheque payments to 8 October 2019 were approved for payment by the Parish Council.

11. Financial Regulations
The revised Model Financial Regulations have been changed to reflect increases to the thresholds set by the Public Contracts Directive 2014/24/EU. RESOLVED that the Parish Council adopt the revised model Financial Regulations.

12. Correspondence
a) ACT Gazette – Issue 33 Summer 2019.
b) Cumbria Action for Health and Mental Health Provider Forum Bulletin 02.07.2019.
c) CALC Newsletter – July/August 2019.
d) North West Coastal Access Monthly Update – July.
e) Cumbria Action for Health and Mental Health Provider Forum Bulletin 29.07.2019.
f) Developing your skills – September to December 2019.
g) Cumbria Action for Health Network & Mental Health Provider Forum Bulletin 12.08.2019.
h) Clerks & Councils Direct – July 2019 Issue 124.
i) Clerks & Councils Direct – September 2019 Issue 125.
j) CALC’s Newsletter – September 2019.
k) Cumbria Action for Health & Mental Health Provider Forum Bulletin 25.09.2019.
l) Invitation to next West Cumbria Volunteering Fair – 7 November 2019 at the Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre, Workington.
m) Better Internet Access Cumbria – Update on progress of the project and details of what the remaining 6% can do to receive coverage.
n) NALC Legal Update – June 2019.
o) Allerdale Borough Council – Copy of press release outlining the changes to the new Allerdale Waste and Recycling Service.
p) Press release inviting people to help to design a new Community Cancer Nurse Service for North Cumbria.
q) Invitation to a Solway Coast AONB Consultation evening on Thursday 23rd July 7.00pm-9.00pm at Mawbray Village Hall, Culterham Hall, Mawbray, CA15 6QT.
r) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1980970355 – PotHole. From the B5302 to the C2015 via Blackdyke.
s) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1980970358 – Dip, Hollow or Subsidence. B5302 to Kingside Hill.
t) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1980970361 – Manhole Cover. B5302 at Calvo.
u) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1980970361 – Manhole Cover – Cumbria Highways is not responsible and action needs to be taken by BT. Clerk to report the BT manhole cover again.
v) CALC – Elections to CALC Executive Committee. Nomination papers to be returned by 4 October 2019.
w) Update from Cumbria County Council regarding their proposals for the Working Together highways project. Clerk to send a copy of information to members of the Council.
x) Allerdale Borough Council – re: Whinclose. Currently waiting to hear from legal section regarding exercising their rights of entry and best course of action for dealing with the breach.
y) Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Cumbria Constabulary have launched a consultation survey focusing on Policing Priorities, Local Concerns, and Agency Responsibilities. The survey will run until 31st August and can be accessed here: https://www.cumbria.police.uk/About-Us/Public-Consultation-Survey-2019.aspx
z) New NALC Model Template for Financial Regulations 2019.
aa) CALC – May 2019 Election surveys. Closing date for completion is 27th September.
bb) Three Tier meeting – Notes from the meeting held at Cockermouth 11 July 2019.
cc) CALC – Looking for experienced councillors and clerks who may be interested in becoming part of the peer review team for the Local Council Award Scheme (LCAS) run by NALC. Information forwarded to members of the Council.
dd) Solway Coast AONB – Notes from the Parish Council event held on 23 July 2019.
ee) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1980970358 – Dip, Hollow or Subsidence at B5302 to Kingside Hill. Issue has been resolved. The problem is not resolved and the soil has been dragged out and the gaps at the side of the road are just as bad. Needs filled with hardcore and topped with tarmac, with a white line all along. RESOLVED that a further report be made to Cumbria Highways.
ff) Email seeking information about who owns the Marsh, as a soil sample survey is to be done on Skinburness Marsh for the CarbonQuest research project. Contact details of Tanya Brown provided for Sea Dyke Charity.
gg) CALC – Policy Consultation E-briefing 10-19 – 5G Mobile coverage in Rural Areas. Responses to be submitted by 11 October.
hh) Cumbria Highways – HIMS Ref: W1980976967 – Road Sign is illegible at Tanglewood, Causewayhead.
ii) Invitation to Climate Change Emergency Action summit on Sat 21 September 2019 at Carlisle.
jj) CALC – Hybrid Forum – Advanced Modular Reactors in Cumbria – Hybrid Forum will be held over two sessions on 9 October 2019 and 7 November 2019 at Westlakes Science and Technology Park.
kk) CALC – Information about a legal advice service available through county associations which CALC subscribed to on a 3-month trial.
ll) CALC – Invitation to Rural Strategy Roadshow – South Lakeland District Council on 17 October at Kendal.
mm) Allerdale Borough Council – Invitation to speak at Committee – App ref FUL/2019/0160 re: Application for construction of 5 detached bungalows in land opposite Verona, Blitterlees, Silloth. Cllr. Graham attended the committee meeting. The decision has been deferred on the grounds of flooding. The new plans change the direction in the which the houses are facing.
nn) CALC – Policy Consultation E-Briefing 09/19 – Independent Review into the Local Government Audit.
oo) CALC – Invitation to the AGM on 9 November at 10.30am to be held at the Market Hall, Wigton.
pp) CALC – Climate Change Event – CALC is in discussions with CAFS to devise a day for town and parish councillors about the issues around climate change, including ways for your council to reduce its carbon footprint and how your council can support and influence your community in becoming greener.
qq) CALC – Information about the invasive species, Water Primrose. Details on identification and what to do/who to contact if this plant is seen.
rr) Cumbria County Council – Service 60 Skinburness – Silloth – Allonby – Maryport. Information about changes to the service from 2 November 2019.
ss) Cumbria Highways – Traffic Monitoring – Causewayhead. Summary of data collected in June 2019. CCC has arranged for a layby to be constructed in the area for the safety of the camera van to visit regularly to enforce the 40mph speed limit.
tt) Cumbria Highways – Traffic Monitoring – Causewayhead. Copy of the full data collected. Whilst there may be more of a perceived problem in the mornings, there is clearly a problem at all times of the day. Enforcement will be carried out and the Police notified of the Parish Council’s concerns. There is a recognised problem with speeding. A flashing speed sign would be more beneficial which could possibly be funded through Hellrigg and CCC. RESOLVED that the Clerk to make further enquiries about flashing speed signs.
uu) Allerdale Local Plan (Part 2) (Site Allocations) – Main Modifications Consultation – Commences Friday 20 September. Comments no later than 1 November 2019. Cllrs. to send their individual responses in.
vv) Allerdale Borough Council – draft Local Plan 2020-2030. The consultation provides an opportunity for you to review and comment on the priorities proposed by the Leadership of the Council for the next ten years. Consultation closes 7 November 2019. It is a 10 year plan this time. Want to decentralise the plan and include the towns and parishes. Cllr. Cook was surprised to hear that Holme Low don’t get their plastic recycling collected by Allerdale. Postcodes to be sent to Cllr. Cook. Bin collections are to be brought back in-house by Allerdale. Cllrs. to send their individual responses in.
ww) Active Cumbria – Walking for Health. RESOLVED that information be shared on the Parish Council Facebook page to see if there is anyone interested in volunteering and starting a group.

13. Planning Applications
The Parish Council considered the following planning application:-
Ref No: FUL/2019/0219 Applicant: Mr David Miller Proposal: Proposed single storey dwelling Location: Land at West Causewayhead, Causewayhead, Silloth – Approved.
Ref No: RMA/2019/0007 Applicant: Mr & Mrs Robert Holliday Proposal: Reserved matters application for an agricultural workers dwelling Location: Blackdyke Farm, Blackdyke, Silloth – No objections.
Allerdale Borough Council has approved the following:-
Ref No: FUL/2019/0113 Applicant: Mr George Whitfield Proposal: Broiler unit and associated infrastructure Location: Balladoyle Farm, Silloth
Ref No: 2/2018/0489 Applicant: Mrs Joanne Edmunds Proposal: Change of use of church to residence with minor external changes Location: St Pauls Church, Causewayhead, Silloth

The chicken shed near Longwood is now being sold, despite the house being built on the preface of being required to monitor the chicken shed.

14. Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies
Longcake Education Foundation – Meeting this Thursday.
Sea Dyke Charity – Meeting next Wednesday.

15. Allerdale & County Councillor Reports
Allerdale – Dealt with earlier in the meeting.
County Council – No report.

16. Parish Plan
Nothing to report. It will be considered at the annual Parish meeting. New guy at ACT is keen to get Parishes to do a new Parish Plan, as new people move into the parishes but there is a lot of work involved and very little comes of it.

17. Building at Causewayhead Cemetery
To be discussed in the Holme Low Parish Projects Group meeting.

18. Reports from Councillors
Road at Blackdyke between Oakline and The Retrieved is in a poor state, with some very bad potholes. Some were partially filled about 10 days ago and are in need of attention. The road is not suitable for the big wagons and trailers. The laybys need extended. It is also bad around to Robert Shaw’s house. Report to Cumbria Highways.
The turning right around the beck near Oakline, Blackdyke has also dropped in. Report to Cumbria Highways.
West Causewayhead lane is also bad with some people not even aware that there is a beck and overtaking eachother.
Flooding at the Airfield entrance is becoming worse. It never flooded until the sewerage plant was put in. Cumbria Highways need to investigate. The drains on the side of the road need cleaned out. Report to Cumbria Highways.
Harrisons were going to sweep the road once a month but it is not getting done. Everywhere is covered with cement dust. A lot is getting spilt when vehicles are coming out of the site. Report to Environmental Health at Allerdale. Lights are also too bright and need adjusted. Cllr. Graham will speak to them about the lights.

19. Chairman’s Announcement
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting and also thanked the Clerk for all the work she has done.

20. Date of next meeting
Parish Council meeting – Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 7.30pm in Silloth Community Hall.