Minutes – 9 October 2018

parishclerk 21 Apr , 2020

Holme Low Parish Council
Minutes of the annual meeting held on Tuesday 9 October 2018
at 7.30pm at Silloth Community Hall

Present : Cllr. J. Graham (JG)

Cllrs. D. Findlay (DF), M. Wright (MW), A. Sowden (AS), M. Pearson (MP) & N. Dainton (ND).
Also present: Wendy Jameson – Parish Clerk (WEJ), Cllr. John Cook & Cllr. Tony Markley.

1. Apologies

2. Declaration of Interest

3. Exclusion of Press & Public

4. Minutes
RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on the 10 July 2018 be confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters Arising
The Environment Agency started cleaning out the beck from Hartlaw but only got so far, as they only had a small bucket on the machine and will come back at a later date. Three men came and got as far as Causewayhead corner, cleaning it out by hand.
Wolsty road is still bad and needs addressed asap. It is in a dangerous condition. If it rains it is impossible to know how deep the potholes are. Further email to Cumbria Highways.
Footpath from Causewayhead into Silloth needs about a foot taken off it to cut it back.
New signs for bad corners have gone up. Some signs had become discoloured which have now been replaced.
Hodgson’s wagon coming out of Millers is often not fully sheeted and there have been complaints from local residents about dirty windows etc.

6. Police Report
A report was provided at the 10 week meeting which was held last week with PCSO Nichol. Next meeting will take place on 11 December at 6pm in Silloth Community Hall.

7. Public Participation
There were no requests from members of the public to speak at the meeting.

8. Financial Report
The Clerk provided an up to date financial report which showed a balance of £1,799.88 in the bank.

9. Requests for financial assistance
Citizen’s Advice Allerdale – Agreed to provide a donation of £30.00.
Great North Air Ambulance – Agreed to provide a donation of £100.00.

10. Payment of Accounts
Cheque payments to 9 October 2018 were approved for payment by the Parish Council.

11. Accounts for the Year Ended 31 March 2018
PKF Littlejohn have returned the External Auditor Report & Certificate 2017/18 which states they have not yet completed the review work on the AGAR and supporting documentation. A final report detailing any qualifications and other matters will be provided with the certificate of completion, following finalisation of the review. The Return and necessary paperwork was submitted and it was questioned why an invoice has been sent when the audit has not been completed.

12. Correspondence
a) ACT Gazette – Issue 30 Summer 2018.
b) CALC Newsletter – July 2018.
c) North West Coastal Access Monthly Update – August 2018.
d) Clerks & Councils Direct – September 2018.
e) CALC Newsletter – September 2018.
f) North West Coastal Access Monthly Update – August 2018.
g) NALC – L08-18 | Judicial review claim brought against Ledbury Town Council.
h) CALC AGM 2018 – to be held at 10.30am on Sat 10 November 2018 at Newbiggin Village Hall, Penrith. Invitations to follow. Motions for debate to be submitted to CALC by 12 October.
i) ACT – Reminder about the support available through ACTion with Communities in Cumbria to help with community resilience and preparedness.
j) Cumbria Highways – re: The Windmill, Blackdyke. Land owner/occupier has been asked to cut back the hedges.
k) Cumbria Wildlife Trust – Information about a new community bee and butterfly project. The Cumbrian Coast Pollinator Project aims to work with local communities along the west coast of Cumbria to create havens for wild pollinators. Suggestion of meeting up to discuss it further.
l) Historic England – Causewayhead War Memorial: Notification of Designation Decision. Causewayhead War Memorial at Churchyard of the Church of St Paul has been added to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural Interest and is now listed at Grade II.
m) Cumbria County Council – Adult Safeguarding posters distributed to help improve the public’s knowledge on contact numbers to raise Safeguarding concerns with.
n) Garden Organic – Information about the Cumbria Volunteer Master Composter Scheme.
o) Cumbria Constabulary – OPCC and Cumbria Constabulary have launched their joint annual public consultation survey. Survey completed by Clerk.
p) Allerdale District September three tier meeting – Thurs 20 September 2018 at 7.00pm at Cockermouth Town Hall.
q) Cumbria County Council – Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders – Tour of Britain. Copy of location plans showing a number of temporary orders put in place to facilitate the Tour of Britain.
r) CALC – Allerdale district three tier meeting 20 September 2018 incorporating the CALC Allerdale annual meeting to be held at the Town Hall, Cockermouth at 7.00pm.
s) CALC – Three tier meeting – venue for meeting changed to Allhallows Community Centre, Fletchertown.
t) Allerdale Borough Council – Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Event to be held in the SEN Centre, Lakes College, Hallwood Road, Lillyhall on 1 November, 5pm to 8pm.
u) Royal Mail – Letter to seek help in raising awareness of scam mail explaining what it is, what is done to combat it and who to report it to.
v) Cumbria County Council – Working Together Programme – Webpage Launch and Briefing paper. Copy of the briefing paper and new webpage providing updates on the Working Together programme.
w) West Cumbria Bus Users’ AGM – Tues 9 October 2pm Lakes College, Lillyhall.
x) CALC AGM 2018 – Invitation to CALC AGM be held at 10.30am on Sat 10 November 2018 at Newbiggin Village Hall, Penrith. Motions for debate to be submitted to CALC by 12 October.
y) CALC – Membership Subscriptions Review 2018 – Responses to the proposed changes will be discussed at the next CALC Executive Committee meeting on 20 October and a decision taken at the AGM on 10 November.
z) CALC – Casual Vacancy on CALC Executive Committee. Local Council are being invited to submit nominations by 12 October. No nomination from the Parish Council.
aa) Church of England – re: The closed church building of Causewayhead St Paul. Copy of draft Pastoral (Church Buildings Disposal) scheme prepared by the Church Commissioners providing for the closed church to be appropriated to use as a single residential dwelling. Formal representations to be received before 12 October 2018. A couple have bought the church and will be making it into a residential property.
bb) Allerdale Borough Council – re: Whinclose, Seaville – The matter has not yet been pursued by the Legal department but they will be serving an enforcement notice in the near future. There are now 13 caravans at Whinclose. The matter was brought to Allerdale’s attention months ago but nothing has been done. Refuse wagons don’t go down there anymore and it was questioned if they are paying Council tax. Copy John and Tony into the email to Allerdale.

13. Planning Applications

14. Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies
Longcake Education Foundation – Meeting on Thursday.
Sea Dyke Charity – Meeting next Tuesday.

15. Parish Plan
Nothing to report.

16. Building at Causewayhead Cemetery
To be discussed in the Holme Low Parish Projects Group meeting.

17. Chairman’s Announcement
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting and thanked the Clerk for all the work she has done.

18. Allerdale & County Council Report
Allerdale – Allerdale are complaining that there is no money and yet there are plans to build a new football/rugby stadium costing £38m with borrowed money. They will be knocking down the old stadium. Also looking to do a lot of regeneration work in Maryport. There is a lot of devolution to parishes.
County Council – Piloting plastic being used in roads. There is a new machine for cleaning drains, with water being cleaned on the machine which will reduce the amount of waste having to be removed. County Council are having to save £50m again.

19. Reports from Councillors
The ends have been cut off the dykes at the Windmill which is better than before and doesn’t scratch vehicles going round the corner.

20. Date of next meeting
Parish Council meeting – Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 7.30pm in Silloth Community Hall.